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Lauren’s first novel is a sweet, honest account of the life and loves of 20-something Joel Miller. It’s a rainy Saturday, and Miller has just been directed to walk the 12 blocks to the independent drug store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to buy his girlfriend a pregnancy test. The rest of the novel takes place as Miller waits outside the bathroom door for Lisa to reveal the results, all the while pondering past loves and future concerns.

Reviews for Reproduction is the Flaw of Love

“Grodstein’s book brilliantly charts the coming of age of Joel Miller, a standard-issue, 29-year-old Brooklynite. Grodstein’s observations are all her own, and they’re easily worth the price of admission.”
New York Post

“Funny, poignant . . . terrifically comic.”
Time Out New York

“If you’ve been wishing you could get into your man’s head during those tense, relationship-testing moments–here’s your chance.”

“The work of a gifted young author.”
Fort Worth Star Telegram

“An insightful study of our search for meaningful connections.”

“Sweet, honest . . . compulsively readable.”
Publisher’s Weekly

buy now > indiebound / powell’s / barnes & noble / amazon

Whether stuck in a monorail on a Disney Vacation or improvising sex tips to avoid getting punched out, the heroes and heroines of these foxy stories find themselves in one unwieldy situation after another. Gawky, bemused, and (kind of) looking for love, these incipient adults stumble vulnerably through dates, deaths, and drugstores in search of some elusive wisdom.

Reviews for The Best of Animals

“Lauren Grodstein’s acerbic first book of short stories, The Best of Animals , is about urbane, irony-happy 20-somethings who also happen to be wimps . . . [.] Only in her last two stories does Grodstein offer her characters much in the way of hope, and even then it’s hard won.  That’s the very quality–along with Grodstein’s agile prose and clever observations–that makes her stand out.”
–The New York Times

“Lauren Grodstein’s debut collection, The Best of Animals , shows remarkable promise.  Her writing has wit and irony, and she controls both, using them to great effect . . . Readers can look forward to hearing more from this young writer.”
–The Charlotte Observer

“Grodstein captures the uncertain nuances of the mating game in her impressive debut collection, consisting of 10 lively, smart stories that focus on 20-something men and women in urban settings who are trying to reconcile their ambivalent feelings for one another . . . [.]  Grodstein’s quirky voice and sassy, ironic humor make these stories come alive, and she uses first-person narration to create unusual, believable characters.”
Publishers Weekly

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